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About Future Stars Learn to Swim programme

Future Stars Swim School follows a 5 Stage programme that is designed to develop key skills and stroke techniques on all 4 strokes.

Our learn to swim programme has 5 progressive stages that will take non-swimmers from Stage 1, through to strong, competent swimmers in Stage 5.
On completion of the Future Stars learn to Swim Programme, swimmers may have the opportunity to progress to Stirling Swimming Clubs STAR-Fish programme which is the next stage leading to competitive swimming.

For Stages 1-2 the teachers will usually be in the water. For Stages 3-5, lessons are taught from both in the water and poolside.

All swimmers will be issued with a coloured hat depending on what Stage of the programme they are in. Once they pass a Stage they will be issued with their new hat.

At the end of each term your child will be assessed to see whether they are ready to pass and move on to the next stage. Please feel free to speak to us about your child’s progress. Please do this in the 5-10 minute break before/after your child’s class.

All of Future Stars Swim School teachers are fully qualified and Disclosure/PVG checked.

General Information

  • Arrival at classes and supervision
  • Special Needs
  • Viewing
  • Swimwear
  • Changing
  • Refunds /Cancellation

For the first class an adult should accompany their child onto poolside to meet the teachers.

If your child’s teacher is not on poolside before the start of their class, accompany them onto poolside and wait for the teacher to arrive before leaving your child.

Please do not send your child onto poolside before the previous class has finished.

We request that parents/adults accompany children into the building. Parents are responsible for the safety of their children within the changing areas before and after the classes. Children are only the responsibility of Future Stars Swim School during their particular class.

If your child has a particular need or lacks confidence, please inform the teacher so they are aware of this and if you wish to remain on poolside during the class.
Unfortunately there are no poolside viewing galleries at Wallace High School, so parents are unable to sit on poolside to view the classes. Towards the end of each term we may invite parents on poolside to watch a full lesson.

Please avoid dressing your child in swimwear that is baggy or too big as this will affect their mobility in the water and will make it harder for them to pick up new skills. Short swimming jammers/trunks and swimming costumes are recommended.

No jewellery should be worn during classes & long hair should be tied back.

Goggles are recommended as they can help a child overcome fear of putting their face in the water.

Arm bands and swimming aids are not required for the lesson. If they are required in order to develop water confidence the teacher will issue them during the lesson.

Please make sure that if you are helping your child to change that they go into the appropriate changing room according to your gender (i.e. if they are with their mum they should change in the female change, if they are with their dad they should change in the male change).

Your child will be sent to the changing room after their lesson.
Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances and application must be made in writing.

In the event of a class cancellation due to unexpected pool closure, an extra class will be added in to the block if dates allow. If this is not possible then credit will be carried over to the next block.

In the event of a cancellation Future Stars Swim School will make every effort to contact customers before they arrive at the pool.

Stirling Swimming Club

Stirling Swimming was established in 1976 and is among Scotland’s best swimming clubs having produced many outstanding swimmers over the years. The Club is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association and competes within the West District. The Club welcomes swimmers keen to develop their talents, whether at the start of their swimming career or at a more advanced stage.

Stirling Swimming is a friendly club, in which swimmers, coaches and volunteer parents work together to achieve individual and team excellence.

For more information please visit www.stirlingswimming.co.uk